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I found this

Scott is doing photos Saturday AND Sunday
But I'm still looking for the talk!
Does anyone know?

For the talks you have to get in line for a ticket. Be early. Gold pass holders will have a ticket reserved for them at pick up any time, any other passes, welll just make sure you are the early bird pass person :-)

Might be handy to check the comic cons FAQ

and than check the tickets again what is which and how and all that other stuff. Gave me a headache so I just bought the gold pass, at least it's clear what that does for one

What a Gold Pass includes:

1. Entrance to the show - Entrance to the show both days is included and is through a shorter queue, purchasing a Gold Pass means you will then get to queue in the pre paid queue rather then the larger main queue.

2. Talk Tickets - A ticket for each talk (free and charged-for) will be available free of charge. Tickets will be held back for any Gold Pass Patrons, and will be available to collect during the event. Priority seating will also be given to Gold Pass Patrons, who will be able to enter the seating area before the main queue.

3. Autograph Queues - Gold Pass Patrons will have the advantage of being ABLE TO JOIN THE BACK OF ANY QUEUE WITHOUT HAVING A VIRTUAL QUEUING TICKET! This is the major advantage of the Gold Pass, it will cut down your overall waiting time incredibly and allows a great deal more to be done over the weekend. As you may know the busier guests at Showmasters events have virtual tickets (Please read "What are Virtual tickets?" in section 2 for more info). Having a gold pass is like having VT No.1 for all the guests.

4. 2 Goody bags - The first one being an AMAZING Promotional Goody Bag and the second a SHOWMASTERS GOODY BAG. This Goody Bag will be full of awesome contents such as Posters, Promo items (badges, cards etc) and images some of which cannot be bought elsewhere! All themed with your choice of one of the following: Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Buffy & Angel, Stargate, Cult TV or Cult Film. Also included will be an autograph pack of a number of autographs from your chosen theme.

5. Photo CD - To help you remember your experience at the show, we will send on a photo CD of images taken by the Official Showmasters photographer at the show!

I'm interested in the competitions they are holding though. It says on the site there will be competitions, I mailed asking them if they are holding a music vid competition by any chance but like before, no answer to the emails. Thinking if this takes much longer and they will have one we need to get something out of the closet and brush it up if we don't want to get it finished.

Talks and event link:

On the other hand I wouldn't mind another Scott / Jay trivia contest either :-)))

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