i was on here a few years ago talking about my husband having a seizure and almost dying.
 I'm glad he didn't die that day while I still thought he had any humanity.
 I can not even begin to explain the heartache of what he has done. last March, I found a needle and spoon in our car.
 Then, he started going off with this woman. He would say he would go buy smokes and not come back for 12 hours. then, he didn't come home one night and I found out he was with her. Then, more needles. missing money. missing spoons. (seriously, try and have soup or cereal when you live with a junkie.) I had been working again for the first time in years at a job i LOVED. I lost 70 pounds. made friends and was being independent. He continues to cheat on me  in MY face. disappears for weeks. leaves me with no money, no food , no car.(after he didn't come home, we fought for a month and there was a fight. I hit him. he punched me in the face several times, choked me. I got mad, called the cops. he said that he was restraining me and  I told the truth so i was arrested (but they threw it out) I was embarrassed about the arrest bc everyone at work knew and so I quit. I hadn't been eating or sleeping in months. I had began to pull out my hair, we got evicted, he sat there for several hours badgering me to kill myself and I lose it and take all this stuff and end in the hospital and I get out and he has moved into a hotel with this woman. left  our animals, all our stuff, furniture, clothes. photo albums. everything. I end up falling and rupturing a disc in my back and lose mobility in my left side  with constant pain and numbness.(which im still dealing with) then, we are living at the hotel.
 all of us and this woman who is a !#@*%@ btw, goes to the doctor with me to get my muscle relaxers and I wake up in the ER with no memory and my stuff gone. that I literally just filled and a bruise over my forehead. my legs and body swollen 3 times the normal size. she had to of stuck me with something.she had actually gotten pulled over for reckless driving and said that the cops said i was passed out and they had me get out the car and I fell. I called the police department and I spoke with them. they said she was pulled over but they never told me to walk or anything. they never took any medicine and they never made a report.
 she was married when she was cheating with him and when they started cheating they both said they couldn't be together because of me because of her husband and I am not joking, a week later, that dude overdosed and died. the night he died was weird bc he wasn't allowed near me bc I was the one that hit him and I would go to jail and he just showed up that night really late and didn't bring clothes or anything. he slept, woke up as soon as his alarm went off and walked out the door in his pajamas.  the next day he told me the guy died and i asked if they killed him and told him that I would leave don't kill me. he said she didn't call him and tell him til noon, but you see I looked at his cell phone that morning before he left because the look on his face was just so weird and it was all weird and she called him at 4 am. a week before this, her husband had beat her with a phone and she was telling people she could kill him because she was  waiting on this settlement from when the husband was injured at work. she thinks she is getting 20 thousand dollars. after the hotel was over. ( they didn't pay the bill and some man came pounding on our door saying they owed him 500 dollars) we lived in the car for a week. then, he took us both to his moms where he slept in the bed with this woman and my mother in law actually threw them out. and then, he said to me that he was getting rid of me and him that "woman" drove me to the house I own with my brother in ga. in the middle of the night, with no key, my brother didn't even know I was was coming because we hadn't spoke for 5 years. he left me with no money, no car, no job and at the time I couldn't lift my foot. I will say though, that it was a blessing. I am still injured but, I do work. I have a boyfriend. i'm slowly picking myself up. but, it still hurts. He tried facebook friending me last week. and thanksgiving was our 11th wedding anniversary. he sent money. he called and texted but I didnt answer, then he turned off my phone so now he doesnt have my number.